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Why Did We Create The Stocks4-u Website?

Well, our target is to help stock market investors around the world.

The stock exchange is a very dangerous place for you to invest in any company at any price.

So we thought: Let’s help investors earn money on the stock market by buying efficient companies when they’re cheap and putting a maximum of 15% on each company.

We then decided to look at all the major stock companies in the world. We look at all the companies on the stock exchange in Australia, Japan, China, India, Germany, Italy, France, UK,
Spain, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, United States, Canada and Brazil.

So now we have the best companies on the planet . We expect the stock market to devalue the stock prices of these companies and then  we buy them cheap with 15% of our total capital. In this way you can invest all your capital in 6 or 7 companies with a low risk of high capital concentrantion.

If you follow our investment strategy your chances of getting poor will be low because you will be investing in efficient, cheap companies and risking little money  with good diversification.

If someone offers you a high return with  high risk  …. run away !!!!

The secret of wealth is to invest at low risk (efficient company) with high return (buy below value and wait in the medium or long term).

Which side are you on: high risk  to get high gains or low risk to get  high returns?

Please read our The Secret page and our Blog,

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