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What We Promise You: A Powerful Recipe.

What we promise you ….
Well, let’s talk about what you can expect from your investments with us on stocks4-u. We will not promise you a fortune in 1 or 2 years …. nor will we promise you speculative gains of 10, 20% per day. …
But we promise you a strong protection of your invested capital and a strong monitoring of the efficiency of the CEOs of the companies we choose here. Efficient companies have a tendency to remain efficient for 10,20 ,30 years or forever … and this efficiency will bring valuation of its stock for life.
As you already know, we only enter the stock market when we expect to make a 100% gain on a company’s stock. This is possible when the stock market devalues ​​the stock price of efficient companies ….. we know how to calculate how much an efficient company is worth as we can calculate how much their shares are worth … so we know when that company is cheap. We buy the stock of an efficient company when it goes cheap and hold it for the next 10, 20, 30 years or forever.
When we buy a share is forever ….. we only sell that share in 2 situations:
1. The company is no longer efficient ….. ie it cannot produce money at low cost …
2. We gained 100% on the capital invested and we take this profit to invest in cheaper companies.
We know this recipe is powerful: buying efficient companies when they are cheap on the stock market + capital protection and lifelong hold.
Stay with us and we will learn you how to  try our Powerful Recipe,


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