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USA Stock Market 2019 : December Update

Our American Bargains to Buy Now !

How to earn money from the efficient companies in the stock market ….. we should invest as they are cheap …..
If you American investor is coming now and want to start investing TODAY  buying cheap …. our  best companies are:


BEST BUY ( BBY) stock value: 86,30 Best Buy  NOW below 86,30

THE TRAVELERS COMPANIES (TRV) stock value : 154,15 Best Buy  NOW Below 154,15

LYONDELL BASELL ( LYB) stock value: 147,38 Best Buy NOW Below 147,38

URBAN OUTFITTERS (URBN) stock value: 37,38 Best Buy  NOW  Below 37,38

LEON´S FURNITURE ( LNF) stock value : 20,92 Best Buy  NOW  Below 20,92 ( CANADA)

Capital Protection

We would like to remember you about Capital Protection …. invest no more than 15% of your total capital in each of these cheap companies to buy now.
We wish you good business with low risk and high profitability.
See you in our January 2020 Update.

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