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There are several reasons or causes that can affect the world stock market by increasing volatility and bringing down the price of stocks around the world. This time is the trade war started by the President of the United States with China characterized by increasing tariffs and others measures since 2018.
Although many politicians and economists agreed that trade imbalance with China was a trouble very few advocated escalating tariffs as a sollution.They cited escalating tariffs conflict resulted in no winners.Trump asserted trade war was good and easy to win.But tariff conflict it has become too long and has caused a sharp deterioration in the relationship between the two countries. And we are not seeing a solution in the near future.
This trade war would weaken the world economy by affecting revenues, corporate profits around the world.
We can see strong panic movements in the stock market, with strong selling movements ….. many investors losing money and leaving the stock market. This is not the behavior we teach here at stocks4-u. We take advantage of this moment of panic when many speculators are selling their stocks because they don’t trust the companies that have invested …. we start buying hard because we know our companies will survive this conflict and their stocks will appreciate very much in the medium or long term. .
In these moments of high volatility and panic we clearly see the difference between speculator (loser) and long term investor (winner).
Stay with us here at stocks4-u and we’ll buy the cheap stocks of efficient  companies that the speculators are giving us as a gift.
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