The Secret

We call the secret the 5-step method we use
The best method for long-term investment

We Call "The Secret"
the 5-Step Method We Use

Everybody has fear of the right side of the chart. As you buy a stock you think: will it go up or down in the right side of the chart?

The 5-Step Method will guide you through this fearful right side of the chart.

Rain or come shine your money will be much more protected using this method as a long-term investor than as a short-term speculator.

How does it work? Let’s follow the 5 steps described next:
we will choose the best companies of the stock market to our portfolio, no more than 10% of these companies are good.
we calculate the value of the whole company and the value of its stocks too!
if you know the value of the stock in the step 2 you must see now if the stock market put the price of the stock below the value, if yes the profitability is good, buy now!
here we keep a sharp eye on the CEO, if the CEO keeps going well the stock will make money for us but if the CEO starts delivering bad results it is time to sell the stock and protect our money.
here we decide if it is time to sell or buy more of the stocks depending on the price and the perfomance of the CEO of all companies of our portfolio.

What Next? Let's Check the Steps

See how each step helps you in the long-term investments