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Technical Analysis: We Don´t Use It. Why?

First of all ,we would like to tell you that for us a chart does not exist alone. Every chart represents a company, its employees, its products or services. We do not invest in a chart but we invest in an efficient company …. we invest in the efficiency of this company that the chart represents. If we make a comparison between two charts
10-year monthly charts that are horizontal for 3 years representing 2 companies …. one efficient company (produces a lot of money at low cost, its products are well above its competitors) and another inefficient company (high production costs, its products are low quality and lose market to their competitors) …… as you look at the two charts you CANNOT see the difference from the chart representing the efficient company from the chart representing the decadent company ….. you see only the technical tools like divergences, figures, move averages and other tools that actually lead you into real financial pitfalls.
But as you use Fundamentalist Analysis you can clearly see in
which chart you should put your money on.
Stop losing money in the pitfalls of Technical Analysis and start investing with enriching companies in the long run.
Fundamental Analysis shows where to invest your money properly …..
Go to the page: The Secret  and them click on  Go to step1 …… so you will see our comparative charts among
efficient and inefficient companies .
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