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Stocks4-u: Thinking Right With The Golden Trio!


The beginning: An old financial magazine.

In the beginning, as we already talked about in other opportunities, we were speculators.

We used technical analysis and all its weapons, tools and market forecasts that are worthless for nothing but to enrich stock brokers.

But everything changed when I found an old magazine about economics and stock exchange.

I found a very interesting report that talked about long-term investments and dividends.

I had just lost money in the stock market as a speculator and was very sad and discouraged.

The text of this magazine talked about long-term investment in quality, efficient companies.

Then I discovered that it would be possible to continue receiving dividends even when the company’s stock continued to fall.

Then I discovered that the shares of quality companies would rise all my life and  that fall in the share price would be temporary.

This old financial magazine really changed my financial life.

I started to study the subject and discovered the 3 great geniuses of stock investment and I called them the Golden Trio.

I then discovered that it would be possible to survive and grow to finally be a champion on the stock exchange.

Let me introduce you to the Golden Trio:


Philip Arthur Fisher:

A legend in the world of investments, especially about how to evaluate and recognize an efficient company.

He taught us that an efficient company is the base and the safe haven to start a winning strategy for the long term.


Benjamin Graham:

Our other investment legend. He taught us that you need to buy CHEAP. When you buy cheaply, you build a safety margin for your capital and maximize returns.


Warren Buffet:

Our king of markets.

Buffet was a student of Graham’s and worked for many years at Fisher’s broker.

Buffet realized that Fisher sometimes lost money even though he invested in efficient companies because he bought expensive stocks.

Buffet also realized that Graham sometimes lost money even when buying
cheap stocks because he bought cheap stocks from inefficient companies.

He learned early on the importance of buying cheap only stocks from efficient companies.

Buffet then decided to buy only cheap shares from efficient companies.

He decided to add Fisher + Graham ….. and the result we know ….. Buffet became the greatest investor of all time.

Buffet taught us how to calculate the value of a company and the value of its shares before and after income tax.


Thus stocks4-u.com was born …… we joined Fisher + Graham + Buffet and to complete we created 2 more steps ( step 4 and step5) as follows:

This is how our simple 5-step method was born:
step1- Efficient Company (Philip Fisher)
step2-Value of the company and its stocks (Warren Buffet)
step3- Cheap Stocks (Benjamin Graham)
step4- Sharp eye on Ceo (stocks4-u)
step5- Decision table and Capital Protection (stocks4-u)

We are confident that the 5-step method is the safest strategy to invest and create wealth for us and our families as a long-term investor on the stock exchange.

The basic pillars of this method were built in the last 60 years by Fisher, Graham and Buffet.

We would like to pay tribute to the three great geniuses of the investment world …… our Golden Trio!

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Túlio (  ceo and founder of stocks4-u.com)

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