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Step 05

The decision table (improving profitability)

The Decision Table (Improving Profitability)

Here we are in the last step. Everything is done, we chose a group of TOP COMPANIES, we know how much these TOP COMPANIES worth, we wait for the market give us a price below the value, we are watching the CEO’s and now we will make some changes in our portfolio, per example:

as a stock goes so high and become expensive after a time, we sell it and buy another one from our portfolio who is at a cheap price, this kind of movement will improve the gain of our CAPITAL in the long term.

What we do here is no short-term movements, speculations as day trade or swing trade, our target is to stay with a company and its stocks for the whole life, but if it becomes expensive or the company turns into trouble we sell the stocks to protect our CAPITAL.

Key Features


Expensives, low profitability.

Best Buy

Best buy is among the good and the cheap companies.


Cheap, good profitability.

Top companies under surveillance

The group of companies we have seen as long-term investment opportunities around the world.

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