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Step 02



When the basic evaluation is done, the next step is to analyse and write the Value of the shares. By Value, we don’t only mean the current market price of the share at that time. Value also means analysing whether you will be buying the stock at a lower price or higher price.

While investing in the share market, it is important to understand the dynamics of how the stock will perform in the upcoming days. One must refrain from purchasing the stock that is projected to fall.

The essence is, when you buy a stock, you must know whether you are buying a stock cheap or expensive. However, we know that the task is a bit tedious, and not every investor has time to understand the patterns and trends of stocks to get deeper insights.

This is where Stocks4-U help you make a decision. By applying all the permutations and combinations, we analyse the stocks of different company and then decide whether it is under the cheap head or expensive head.

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