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Which of these 2 companies would you have chosen to invest in the last 10 years?

In this Quiz we will use 2 companies from 2 different countries to show to you that an efficient company or an inefficient company is not country dependent, not sector dependent.

We from stocks4-u.com are only interested in knowing if the company is capable of producing big money at low cost for us investors and for itself. . DO YOU KNOW HOW TO RECOGNIZE AN EFFICIENT  COMPANY? DO YOU KNOW WHEN A COMPANY IS NOT EFFICIENT?

VAST RESOURCES (VAST) is from UK and CLARANOVA (AVQ) is from France.

So, where would you have invested your money in the last 10 years: VAST or AVQ?

Take a look at the 2 charts below:



If you chose VAST or AVQ you have lost a lot of money in the last 10 years on the stock market. Why did you lose? Why were you a loser in the last 10 years on the stock market? The answer is simple … because you do NOT know how to recognize an efficient company on the stock market. So you don’t know what you’re doing. You are likely to become poor, lose all your money in the stock market.

We at stocks4-u.com know how to recognize  a stock exchange efficient company, stay with us. Click OUR BEST COMPANIES WORLDWIDE and check our list of efficient companies worldwide.

We use an efficient 5-step method (read the secret) to invest in the stock market and a good capital protection strategy.

We only do low risk business (efficient company will not fail) and high return (because we buy cheap or below the value  stocks only).

If even Tiger Woods needs a coach.Why wouldn’t you need one?

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