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Our Target: 100% Gain

We do not want to appear arrogant, snobby or cocky in stating that our focus on the stock market is 100% of the capital we invest.
We think it is only worth spending our time, money and energy if you are to earn at least 100% of the invested capital in the medium or long term. We at stocks4-u are long term investors …. we want to make a big asset all our lives …. we are not short term speculators, we don’t like to go in and out of the stock market every week or every month. …. because we know that no one will be rich speculating. You must be asking .. how earn 100% of the invested capital ?? Our recipe you already know: we have a group of fantastic companies … highly enriching (click on OUR BEST COMPANIES WORLDWIDE) and you will know which are these companies around the world .. we expect the price of these companies to be below value and then we buy and we hold it up to 100%.
We know that when we buy these companies below the
value and the CEO´s keep the results … in the medium or long term we will have 100% gain in our pocket.
Stay with us and let’s start this 100% gain trip together,


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