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Japan Portfolio – 2019 November & December Update

Hello dear investor from Japan,
As we always say, to win on the stock market we need 3 things:
1. Know how to choose good companies.
2. Know how to make money from them.
3.Protect our capital.

1. About knowing how to choose good companies or efficient  companies that will make us rich in the next 10 years … we can say that all 8 companies in our Japan portfolio are efficient  ones …. they are a small group but they are safe companies to invest our money.

2. How to earn money from them .…. we should invest in them when they are cheap ….. remembering that every 3 months companies update their financial statements which may change the value of their shares as well as our perspective of which is expensive or cheap at the moment.
If you Japanese investor is coming now and want to start investing TODAY buying cheap stocks…. the best options in our opinion are:

TAISEI (1801)                             stock value: 7,907                 Best Buy  below 7,907

SUBARU(7270)                                 stock value: 3,384           Best Buy below : 3,384


3. We would like to remember you about Capital Protection …. invest no more than  10% of your total capital in each of these  2 cheap companies to buy now.

We wish you good business with low rsk ang high profitability.

See you in our January 2020 Update.


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