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Is The Time on Your Side ?

Is the time on your side ?

we know that to win in the stock market we need 3 items:

1.Capital : As we already explained here in the blog of stocks4-u.com capital is the name given to the part of your salary that you have saved every month. The capital will be the money that you will use to start your investment in the stock market.

2. Interest rate : your money will grow if you have a strong interest rate ……. but what is the interest rate in the stock market ??? Once again we would like to talk about the importance of investing in efficient companies …… the high interest rates are only available in efficient companies.The interest rates when you buy a stock are: capital gain (valuation of the stock) , dividends and other 7 corporate events that you receive when you are a member of a Top company. But if you buy shares of an inefficient company you will have a negative interest rate and will be poor in the near future. Click on OUR BEST COMPANIES WORLDWIDE and you will know our efficient companies around the world.

3.Time: if you invested your capital with a strong interest rate because your company is very efficient and generates money (wealth) for you and for itself …. time will be your great ally ….. because we know that the combination of capital + interest rate + time (middle or long term) is one of the most powerful forces in the universe to create wealth.

* we would like to draw your attention once more to the importance of saving yourself every month thus secured a capital for investment,
the importance of investing right in quality companies ….. so the time will be on your side.

The Team.

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