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India Stock Market: WSTC Huge Potential Capital Gain

WSTC IS ONE OF OUR FAVORITE COMPANIES IN INDIA FOR INVESTMENT. We would like to congratulate the very good work done by the board on producing good results for the company and for its shareholders. Why should you invest in WSTC? The  products of WSTC have many competitive advantages over your competitors. Wstc produces a lot of money, a lot of wealth at low cost. That leaves a lot of money to share with the shareholders . Today for every share you have from WSTC it produces a earning per share (EPS) of 44.00 rupees  for you . Based on this eps of 44.00 each WSTC share has a value of 700.00 rupees . WSTC shares are trading on the stock market at 204.00. So we  can buy  a stock for  204,00 but its value is 700,00  … It has a potential capital gain of 200% over the long term if the company’s board keeps the eps at 44.00.

No one has a crystal ball to predict the future. But we don’t need a crystal ball to see that the business is good with a potential capital gain of 200%. We need the company to maintain at least 44.00  rupees profit per share ( eps )for years to come. If the company CEO presents bad results over the next few years with eps below 40.00 we will reevaluate whether we will continue to invest in the company or sell our position.

The investment opportunity is good. Protect you capital: invest maximum of 15% of your total capital. Let’s check the results of the CEO in the coming years.

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