; India Stock Market: Star Cement (STAT) @ 88,85 - Stocks 4U

India Stock Market: Star Cement (STAT) @ 88,85

Star Cement  Ltd is one of best companies in India today for investment in our opinion.

It is able to produce much money at low cost  ….. so if the  ceo keeps this good work … it will bring good return for its investors in the  middle and long term.

For us its stocks have a value about 110,00 and the stockmarket is offering them to us at 88,85 today ….. it is cheap to buy  now and hold for the next 5 years.

Protect your capital ……  don´t risk more than 20% of your money in a same  company …… the future is uncertain ,,, but  we can get HUGE return from the stockmarket …. as we  choose efficient company  +  cheap + diversification .

Star Cement  is one of our good opportunities for YOU  to invest now in India…….  check our complete list of cheap and efficient companies at  OUR BEST COMPANIES WORLDWIDE – INDIA 

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