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India Stock Market: PLYP and Other Bargains to Buy Now.

Polyplex Corporation Ltd (PLYP) is among the world’s largest polyester film makers.
It has the sixth largest capacity of polyester film globally.
The company is far above its competitors, has strong competitive advantages in its products and produces a lot of money, a lot of wealth with low costs and expenses, and a lot of money to share with its shareholders.
We are not asking the CEO of the company to increase  Earnings Per Share (EPS) but we are asking that these profits be maintained which creates a value of 1,500.00 for each Polyplex share.
The shares being traded on the Indian stock exchange below 500.00 would have a potencial capital gain of 200% plus annual dividends of 4%.

We would like to remind you about capital protection (efficient company, buy cheap stocks only, invest maximum 15% of your total capital per company).

Polyplex is one of the efficient and cheap Indian companies to start investing now.
We hope the Board will  continue to do this efficient work of growing the company and generating very strong value for its shareholders.
We will be checking CEO performance every year, and we expect the company to continue on our list of best companies to invest in.
We wish you good business and success.
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