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If You Are Losing Money ….

If you are losing money on the stock market …
It’s because maybe you’re not using an ideal capital protection strategy.
Losing money constantly on the stock market is very much related to the method we use to protect us. We do not know if you use or what protection method you apply to your capital. But we would like you to know our method to survive on the stock market. We have already spoken here and will repeat several times throughout our lives.
Well, our method is made up of 4 parts:
1. Long term investment in efficient companies (if you are short term investor: speculator …. thinking that you can guess the direction of the market or you invest in bad companies … you have already started your capital protection strategy in a wrong way.
2. Cheap price: we buy only cheap stocks of effiecient companies …. if you buy expensive stocks … your capital is in danger always
3. Diversification: We invest no more than 10% of our total capital in each company.
4. Average price: when we buy a stock and it depreciates 20% or more we use the same amount of money to buy again.

If you use this method that we use you will be investing to have High gain with Low risk in the long run……. this is what we call Powerful Recipe,

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