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How We Choose Our Angels

Three items are used in choosing our top-quality companies worldwide:

1. EFFICIENCY: Our portfolio is made up of companies that present products or services that are unique in the market or are able to beat their competitors because they have strong competitive advantages. For this reason these companies produce a lot of money at low cost …… left a lot of money to share with us …. the shareholders. This strong generation of low cost money also makes these companies have high market value which maintains the high value of its stocks.

2.CEO: If a company is efficient then it has a competent team. The return on our capital is in the hands of the board. How they work to place the company product or service well above its competitors and generate a lot of money at low cost.

3. MARKET: Two things maintain the efficiency of the company: the CEO and the MARKET. If the company begins to lose market share to competitors it will have serious problems maintaining its wealth generation.

We check the stock exchanges of the largest economies in the world and take the largest wealth-generating companies in each country. Visit us at THE BEST COMPANIES WORLWIDE PAGE  and find out what are the ANGELS for you to invest in your country,

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