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How to Use the Website

The most useful way for you to use the website is to first read the pages of THE SECRETcarefully .You need to understand very well how the 5-step method we use works .
You need to understand that your investment will be long term and that you should not expect anything before 10 years of this investment . Our goal here in the stocks4-u.com is to choose the best seeds that can give the best fruits in the next 10 years .
To use the website well you should follow the sequence :
1-Read and understand THE SECRET pages .
2- Go to OUR BEST COMPANIES TO INVEST WORLWIDE ….. you will see which are our favorites companies around the world , our purchase opportunity price and our purchase opportunity date .
3-Go toTHE BEST COMPANIES TO BUY NOW …. you will see among our top-quality companies of our portfolio which are the companies with the lower price today …..as we said
in step 3 of the 5-step method … if you buy a stock with the price near or below the value ….your
probability of a good capital gain will be  better .
4- Go to ASK FOR OUR ANALYSIS ….if you want our opinion about a company before you invest …. ask for our analysis .
5- Go to BLOG …read about the changes in our worlwide portfolio .

6- Go to CONTACT US ….. please , use our email to get in touch , send your doubts or send us suggestions .

The Team .


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