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Global Companies for investment

We know that only  few companies in the world are safe to put our money. Most stock market investors are losers …. because they choose the wrong company to invest in.

Only 77 companies are powering the global stock market rally. These 77 companies represent a portfolio of 100bn while there are more than 11,000 companies with market values ​​of less than $ 1 billion.

If the global economy is weakening, why have global marketing rallied so forcefully this year?

Here at stocks4-u.com we offer over than 200 profitable companies around the world for you . We believe these companies have high enrichment power because they can sell its products or services with high added value.

Here at stocks4-u.com we include some of the largest and best known companies in the world.

As you know you can find these companies by clicking on Our Best Companies Worldwide.

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