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We are at a time of great volatility in the stock market due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is the time to take care of our health, help the world to contain this disease by washing our hands, practicing social isolation. But it is also time to think about our financial health for the medium and long term. We at stocks4-u will maintain our strategy of investing in efficient companies by buying their shares when they are cheap. At this time almost all companies on the stock exchange are cheap. All we have to do is to separate efficient companies from bad companies and buy as many stocks as we can.

We are sure that this is the right time for you to improve your financial health by investing with our value stocks strategy by starting to buy top stocks to get best dividend yields, best capital gain.
Stop being a speculator entering and leaving the market several times a month or several times a week. Be an investor.
If you want to be a successful investor in the stock exchange and not a defeated short-term speculator you need to understand 3 basic topics:

1.How to choose the best stocks on the stock exchange

2.How to get the best dividend yeld

3. How emotions can destroy you in the stock market.


How to choose the best stocks on the stock exchange

You must choose companies that produce a lot of money at low cost and share these earnings with you. This is the first step of our method called 5-step method. What would you like companies to share with you: profits, gains or losses and debts? So to get rich on the stock market or to survive bad economic times like now with the coronavirus you need to be in an environment of profits and gains. For this reason you need to be a partner in efficient companies that produce a lot of money at low cost. We at stocks4-u only invest in efficient companies.

How to get the best dividend yield

All of us investors have a dream: We want to live on dividends. The financial media every day deceives us by showing the best companies to earn dividends. But the media does not tell us if this company is efficient or if it is a safe place for our money in the long term. The media does not show you where you are investing your money, whether this company is breaking down or not. You need to know that before investing in a company just because it pays strong dividends . We suggest you follow the socks4-u.com group of efficient companies and then you should invest  your money in safe companies and  get strong  dividends with good capital gain at the same time . This the smart way to invest in dividends ….. earn good dividends every year but only from healthy companies.

How emotions can destroy your money on the stock exchange

Our emotional influences a lot in all our decisions including our financial life. The stock market is a place where we see strong emotional decisions being made very often such as panic and euphoria. We at stocks4-u have lost a lot of money in the past due to our emotional fragility in moments of euphoria in the market we  sold our stocks too early or in panic moments like now we sold our stocks and soon afterwards the market started to rise again leaving us behind with damage in our hands.
So we decided that we would need to change our investment strategy. We created a long-term investment strategy called THE SECRET (the 5-step method) please, read about it by clicking on THE SECRET button at the top of the page.
Our emotional weakness was corrected with this method in which we invest only in efficient companies and when their shares are cheap. In this way we never leave the stock market ….. when the market is going up (uptrend) we use our gain of capital with stocks and we invest our profit in cheap shares of other efficient companies. When the stock market is falling we buy more  cheap stocks by transferring capital from companies where we have more money invested. In this way we never leave the stock market unless our companies get financially bad, then we shut down our stocks to protect our capital.


If you are lost …. you don’t know what an efficient company is and you also don’t know which efficient companies are cheap on the stock market today …. then you should click on our best company worldwide … where you will see the best companies in your country and in the world to invest today. And you will find below this table at the bottom of the page which companies you should buy cheap,



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