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Capital Protection

Every investor wants profit and no one wants to face losses in the stock market. Capital Protection Fund overcomes this fear. It acts like a safety net-providing you invested money and offering the best returns on investment. Capital Protection Fund refers to the debt-oriented Hybrid close-ended funds which are a blend of debt and equity. The possibility of interest rates fluctuates and it is dependent on the market to market loss, these types of debts are organized till the maturity time. These are the close-ended funds that come with the 3 or 5 years of tenure. The stock market is the best business to invest and if you want to win, then you have to take the risk and protect the money first after that, come at the point of money-saving. If you want to work in the stock market then, you should have patience. At first, you should think about the protection of the money and then come to the point of making money.

Here are some of the methods that you can adopt to save your capital:-


  • Choose an efficient company
    If you have decided to invest the money in the stock market then, it is very essential to look for efficient companies where you can invest. You should know about some important aspects of companies like how much experience they possess in this field and many more. Also, the company which you will choose should not include any risk of bankruptcy.
  • Buy cheap stocks
    It is good if you buy stocks from efficient companies at the time when they are available at cheap prices, this will assist in protecting your money from losing at a low level as stocks have the best potential for the appreciation in the future world market.Read More – which investment is better? –‘Long term or Short term’
  • Diversification
    The investors should invest their capital not more than 15 percent in every efficient company. This will assist in keeping them from the loss of large amounts of money in a case when you find the company is facing the issues in the stock market and the path of earning getting closed.
  • Average cost
    When the stocks are bought from the veteran companies and it continues to fall then, you should use the same amount of money and keep buying the stocks in the market. In this way, the buying price will get fall along with the falling stock. You can easily obtain money in the future.
  • Reinvesting the earnings
    Once you will gain the profit on the stock on investment then, it should not be lost. In this stock market, you should buy stocks that are cheap from efficient companies of the portfolio by using the profits.Read More: – Why should choose stocks4u as the best adviser for long term investment?
  • Preserve the starting capital
    If you have invested with an efficient company then, you should not leave that company and do the investment of the starting capital for your whole life. You should avail of profits and in this manner, you will not think about your great evaluation for the company from the next 10, 20, 30 years.

In the above discussion, we have learned various capital protection strategies that will assist in protecting your portfolio’s indispensable volatility that is present in the stock market investment world. You can use the strategies if you are a long term investor as it will help in saving your principal. So, just make profitable investing. You should have to keep in contact with us for more information as we provide valuable information to you.

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