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Please, click on OUR BEST COMPANIES WORLDWIDE  and read our  november / december 2019 update  text below the table of companies . Any doubts email us , please. Regards , Thestockteam.  
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  Value Investment X Price Investment We are here once again to show you the difference in gain between investment (value) and speculation (price). Speculators invest in Price, use Technical Analysis, buy and sell several times a day or  week .Don’t care if the price is expensive or cheap and they don’t care about the quality of the company they invest the money into. Investors...
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How to defer a bad investment? A bad investment decision not only hurt your pride but your pocket also. If you think about how to avoid the most awful money investment then, you should have to step into the action of minimizing the effect. There are many reasons for failing the investment properties and it is seen that even the best laid-pans falls as well....
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Dillards  x   JC Penny Today we will do a case study between 2 well-known American companies: Dillards and JC Penney. As we always say, being a winner on the stock market is possible. But to win you need to invest with a lot of intelligence. And investing with intelligence is knowing how to recognize efficient companies, buying these efficient companies when its stocks are cheap,...
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WSTC IS ONE OF OUR FAVORITE COMPANIES IN INDIA FOR INVESTMENT. We would like to congratulate the very good work done by the board on producing good results for the company and for its shareholders. Why should you invest in WSTC? The  products of WSTC have many competitive advantages over your competitors. Wstc produces a lot of money, a lot of wealth at low cost....
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