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Never lose money  !!!!!!! The key to successful long-term investing is preserving capital . You will hear a lot still here at  stocks4-u.com we talk about capital protection . How do you protect your capital ? Let´s talk how do we protect our capital ? Our number 1 rule : Top-quality company : please read the step1  of The Secret . Our number 2 rule...
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JUNE 2019 Dear investor from India ……… we would like to introduce to you our portfolio of India . It is made up of 59 high-quality companies . Among these 59 top companies that we found in the indian stock market we saw a purchase opportunity in 42 of them and 17 are too expensive at the moment . See below what is happening in...
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we are sure that you have heard before that to earn a lot you have to take a lot of risk . We do not agree with this concept . We know that the right thing to say would be : Low risk and High profitability . LOW RISK : when you invest in top-quality companies they produce a lot of money at a low...
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The most useful way for you to use the website is to first read the pages of THE SECRETcarefully .You need to understand very well how the 5-step method we use works . You need to understand that your investment will be long term and that you should not expect anything before 10 years of this investment . Our goal here in the stocks4-u.com is...
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Crystal Ball ….. That is exactly what we don`t have . If you have a crystal ball please lend us . One of the great dangers in the stock market is trying to guess where will be the market in the future . Here at the stocks4-u we do not try to guess the direction of the market . But we can know the direction...
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