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This is our first post about  our european portfolio to you  dear investor from Europe . We would like to invite you  to read THE SECRET and the 5 steps of our investment method . We are here to do a serious work ….. first of all we want  protection for our  capital , for this reason we chose  Top companies only . Our Europe ...
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Hello dear  friends and investors from  USA …….we would like to introduce to you our USA portfolio  …… the best companies for long-term investment in the  USA . Our USA portfolio has 37 Top companies …..please go to  our Homepage and click on THE SECRET ….  read step 1 and  see there the illustrative charts comparing  the performance  among  several companies worldwide  ……efficient companies  (...
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Olá Galeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa do Brasil !!!!!!!!!!!!! Vocês possuem uma das melhores bolsas do mundo para se ganhar dinheiro pelo fato de ter empresas fantásticas e uma volatilidade que nos permite sempre comprar algo bom e barato . Esse país vai bombar após as reformas que estão para acontecer neste ano de 2019. Por isso já temos nossa  carteira de ações aqui prontinha  … as melhores da...
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Our Letter to you dear friend and investor from China : In the last 4 years the chinese people have lost a lot of money on the stock exchange for this reason  the chinese government has tried to do something for the people to stop speculating in the stock market .We are here to bring to you our  method that will help you chinese investors...
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I am sure that you have heard a lot of authors and websites around the world say that you can be FREE .. live and work everywhere . But the problem is that these websites and authors tell to you use Technical Analysis . They tell you to buy charts , uptrend divergences and several short-term tools those actually only eat your money . All...
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