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Dear Australian investor, Please, click on OUR BEST COMPANIES WORLDWIDE-Australia and check our September Update for you, Regards, Thestockteam.
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First of all ,we would like to tell you that for us a chart does not exist alone. Every chart represents a company, its employees, its products or services. We do not invest in a chart but we invest in an efficient company …. we invest in the efficiency of this company that the chart represents. If we make a comparison between two charts 10-year...
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There are several reasons or causes that can affect the world stock market by increasing volatility and bringing down the price of stocks around the world. This time is the trade war started by the President of the United States with China characterized by increasing tariffs and others measures since 2018. Although many politicians and economists agreed that trade imbalance with China was a trouble...
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When the stock market is falling … It separates the losers from the winners. When the stock market is falling it shows you which side you are on. More than ever we would like to remind you of the importance of a good capital protection strategy: – know how to choose an efficient company -Know how to make money from her: buy cheap stocks -diversification:...
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If you are losing money on the stock market … It’s because maybe you’re not using an ideal capital protection strategy. Losing money constantly on the stock market is very much related to the method we use to protect us. We do not know if you use or what protection method you apply to your capital. But we would like you to know our method...
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