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Capital  Protection: If you want to win on the stock market, you have to survive first or you need to protect your money and then think about making money. We’ve talked about stocks4-u here many times about the importance of protecting capital and we’ll keep talking so you never forget to apply the right methods. Our capital protection method has 6 items: 1. Efficient company:...
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Dear investor, we want you to know that we are people like you, investors like you. We have been stock market speculators for many years, we have always been losers in the stock market because we wanted to be rich in a short time, we thought that with charts, with technical analysis we could guess where the market would go tomorrow … we thought we...
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Today on the India Stock Exchange  we have a portfolio of very efficient  companies that generate a lot of money, a lot of wealth to share with us, the investors.  We have 15  great companies that are cheap on the stock market today. These companies  are good opportunities  to start investing now. Click on Our Best Companies Worldwide  -India  and read below the table of...
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Star Cement  Ltd is one of best companies in India today for investment in our opinion. It is able to produce much money at low cost  ….. so if the  ceo keeps this good work … it will bring good return for its investors in the  middle and long term. For us its stocks have a value about 110,00 and the stockmarket is offering them...
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Hello dear investor from India , Don´t lose more time …..check our best indian companies to invest now !!!! Sign up for 8USD monthly only and click on OUR BEST COMPANIES WORLDWIDE- INDIA You will see a  table with  the best companies in India to invest now in our opinion and our date and price of purchase as well as. Below this table you...
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