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This coronavirus pandemic is a different situation. This virus affects not only people’s health and lives, but it also causes problems across the planet and in all sectors in addition to health as the economic, production, logistics and financial sectors. We believe that 2 waves will affect the planet in the near future. The first wave will be the one we are seeing now, the...
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We are at a time of great volatility in the stock market due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is the time to take care of our health, help the world to contain this disease by washing our hands, practicing social isolation. But it is also time to think about our financial health for the medium and long term. We at stocks4-u will maintain our strategy...
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Stocks4-u.com: How we make money in the long term, watch our real time investment- AEIS (USA),  PPT (AUSTRALIA), ESCO(INDIA)     Our worldwide portfolio has more than 200 top companies spread across the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Australia, Japan and Europe. How we make money in the long term, watch some examples of our real time investment-AEIS (USA), PPT (AUSTRALIA),ESCO (INDIA) We will...
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  The beginning: An old financial magazine. In the beginning, as we already talked about in other opportunities, we were speculators. We used technical analysis and all its weapons, tools and market forecasts that are worthless for nothing but to enrich stock brokers. But everything changed when I found an old magazine about economics and stock exchange. I found a very interesting report that talked...
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High volatility ahead !! This week stock markets are falling due to the risks of a global epidemic. There will always be a reason to bring down stock markets around the world. For this reason it is important to invest in the right and safest way possible. Stay calm, focused, safe and profitable: Follow stocks4-u.com We at Stocks4-u will introduce you again to our 5-step...
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